What are the race 5k benefits?

Reasons that most people would go running is because it helps an individual maintain a healthier lifestyle and it also promotes a sense of well-being. There are indeed many benefits that you can gain out of running whether it is a 3k, 5k, 6k or even up to 10k marathon. Nowadays, exercising through a race marathon has been one of the top lists for people who want to lose weight and enjoy good company from another running enthusiast.

1. It burns calories- Did you know that running can heat you up and loose for about 300 to 700 calories as per hour? Imagine a number of calories you had been eating for the day and the weight that you are loosing? For example, burgers with stuffed cheese and heavy burger patty would sum up to 520 calories. The benefits of running help you burn what you had eaten during the day.

2. Bone density is increased- Running helps your bones become stronger. It also prevents you from acquiring Osteoporosis and fractures. Keep in mind that the more you get older, the lower its bone density can become which leads to a greater risk of breaking a bone.

3. It strengthens the heart and lungs- Running is said to be the highest rated type of aerobic exercise that promotes a good source of oxygen flow to the organs and muscles. It avoids acquiring diseases.

4. Decreases cholesterol levels and lowers blood pressure- As mentioned, it helps avoid disease such as coronary heart diseases.
5. It tones your muscles- One of the best benefits that you can see a good result is when your body is formed with muscles that are toned down.

The more you are running, the better stamina, energy, and strength you will have. It promotes detoxification which makes you look younger compared to those who aren’t exercising at all. If you have achieved the goal of running 5k, you will see a big difference in your life.